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Pam Gems Plays Vol 2

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Pam Gems Plays Vol 2


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Title: Pam Gems Plays 2 Pages: 376
Author: Pam Gems ISBN:9781916246089
Country: United Kingdom Formats: Paperback
Colour: B&W Publisher: Quota Books Limited 
Year: 2022 Genre: Plays, Playwriter, Theatre

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Volume two of a series of four plays written by Pam Gems. Betty’s Wonderful Christmas, The Socialists, Guinevere and Ethel.

Betty’s Wonderful Christmas was my first stage play. The setting is a small country town between the two World Wars, when living was still harsh for many people; the Salvation Army providing the only loving support for many in real distress.

The Socialists – a play set in two eras: the revolutionary Seventies, and the reactionary’ Eighties. Has been compared to Dostoeyevsky’s The Devils.

There has never been a Guinevere like Maggie Jordan who mercilessly berates that arch-chauvinist Arthur, and brings woman’s lib to Camelot. Pam Gems’s new play inventively harnesses the legend and has Guinevere pouring out her feelings of desperation and frustration at being treated as chattel by the uncomprehending Arthur, played by Sean McCarthy.


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