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Pam Gems Plays Vol 3

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Pam Gems Plays Vol 3


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Title: Pam Gems Plays 3 Pages: 368
Author: Pam Gems ISBN:9781916246096
Country: United Kingdom Formats: Paperback
Colour: B&W Publisher: Quota Books Limited 
Year: 2022 Genre: Plays, Playwriter, Theatre

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Volume three of a series of four plays written by Pam Gems.  Go West Young Women, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Nelson and Not Joan The Musical.

Go West Young Women was first performed at the Round House, Camden, London, UK, on 6– 27 June, 1974.
Presented by The Women’s Theatre Company, co-founded by Pam Gems. – “The play is informative and entertaining rather than proselytizing. Not that there’s not a message, but it isn’t hard-sell. It is an attempt, simply, to get away from the romantic, movie-inspired, image of the Western woman, which casts them all as Calamity Jane or Annie Get Your Gun, or the sweet innocent daughter of the ranch. The action is hung on a family’s journey out West and the tribulations and transformations they suffer enroute. The message, says Sue Todd, the director, is that the battle for liberation has to be fought incessantly. When the women have battled across the wilderness and arrived in the promised land, they discover that things are just the same. The old problems and systems reassert themselves. They haven’t made it. It just ain’t that simple. “What happens now?” is the curtain-closing line from the show.” Suzanne Lowry. The Guardian. June 7th 197

King Ludwig of Bavaria – an eccentric play about the last days of the ‘mad’ king of Bavaria.

Nelson was first performed between the 26th October and 5th November, 2005, at The Nuffield Theatre, Southampton,
UK. – The production used a community chorus of boy sailors and officers: JOSIAN HERSON, THOMAS LEOST, EDMOND SMITH and students from Bitterne Park Secondary School and Woodlands Community School.

Not Joan the Musical – an odd-couple romance between two very different women.


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