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Pam Gems Plays Vol 1

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Pam Gems Plays Vol 1


Title: Pam Gems Plays 1 Pages: 384
Author: Pam Gems ISBN: 9781916246072
Country: United Kingdom Formats: Paperback
Colour: B&W Publisher: Quota Books Limited 
Year: 2022 Genre: Plays, Playwriter, Theatre

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Volume one of a series of three plays written by Pam Gems.  The Incorruptible, Garibaldi Si! and The Treat.

The Incorruptible is the post-production version of an earlier draft of the play, presented by the Royal Shakespeare Company under
a different title, at the Barbican Theatre in August of 1986. THE INCORRUPTIBLE is loosely based on a dramatic manuscript, written in 1929, by Stanislawa Przybyszewska called The Danton Case.

Garibaldi, in his day, was an international star. During his lifetime, photography began to be used commercially, so
that his face became familiar in Europe and beyond. He was handsome – which helped – a northern Italian, fair with
a straight nose and a steady gaze.

The Treat was first performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, on 10 February 1984, produced by Jonathan
Gems, directed by Philip Davis, and designed by Stephen Meaha.  A movie adaptation of THE TREAT, written and directed by Jonathan Gems, was released in 1999, presented by Cineville, starring Patrick Dempsey, Daniel Baldwin, Michael York, Alfred Molina, Julie Delpy, Georgina Cates, Pam Gidley, Vincent Perez, Yancy Butler, and Seymour Cassel as the Mayor.


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