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Welcome to Quota Books – a modest company dedicated to free speech, fiction, faction, and fun. Sign up for our newsletter and see what’s coming up in the Quota Cosmos. What highways should we take to be free and fulfilled? Quota is your one-stop shop for free thought, fantasy and felicity. In this freaky, flaky, fraudulent world, Quota is as sound as a pound.
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Jonathan Gems
Jonathan Gems
Jonathan Gems the Hollywood screenwriter. Not only did he write the cult classic Mars Attacks! but he also worked on the screenplays for White Mischief, 1984, The Treat, and many more.
Vinod Mahindru
Vinod Mahindru
Vinod Mahindru the filmmaker and co-writer of Who Killed British Cinema? Also co-directed and produced the feature documentary starring Sir Ben Kingsley.
Mila Pop
Mila Pop
After writing songs, performing in bands, then working in a variety of jobs, Mila Pop became a part of our Quota Books team.
Pam Gems
Pam Gems
Pam Gems was an English playwright. The author of numerous original plays, as well as of adaptations of works by European playwrights of the past, Gems is best known for the 1978 musical play Piaf.


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“Mila Pop’s lively and natural passion for people and their lives is infectious and fun. It will always leave you wanting more. The whacky ‘Mars Attacks!” is like nothing else and so the whacky and hectic story of its near-collapse into existence is something to behold and only fitting.

The very touch-and-go nature of the movie industry is revealed in that it can turn on a dime from gushing praise and promise to frozen over and aloof. Aspiring writers, directors, and actors take note!

In Jonathan Gems we see a man sustained by gratitude and simple company of good people, self-possessed and of great calibre. Fully aware of others and soaking up the details of life. A true writer. He shows us that under all of the urgent and overblown dramatics and bravado of big movie-making are real people – flawed and brilliant.

Generous with his many stories you will likewise be left wanting more. Thankfully, there will be more coming from Jonathan Gems through Quota Books in the near future.

Ró Hackett

So very interesting, getting new insights to the world of film and show business. What a clever man Jonathan is too. So well read. I want to see the film again now, to pick up on all the extra things we now know.

Dennis Pearce

Full of anecdotes about the film, its star-studded cast, its writer and director and their struggles with the suited executives, every page has a jewel to throw light upon the people behind the movies we love.

William Harward

If you’ve ever seen Mars Attacks you will absolutely love this book. Want to know what goes on behind the scenes at Hollywood? Here we see exactly what creatives go through to see their ideas brought to life by the mega-corporations of the silver screen.

William Harward

In Europe and South America, movies are called ‘The Seventh Art.’ In the USA, they are called ‘The Industry.’ After reading this insightful, funny and sometimes shocking book, I can see why.

Milanko Lukovic

A fascinating and fun read about scriptwriting and filmmaking. I never knew how interesting the whole process was and I enjoyed getting to know the stars and the crew. I was laughing all the way through. Great job.

Colin Panrucker

I found it fascinating that he and Burton were able to take so many risks in this modern era of conglomerate films. His comments are a refreshing insight into a Hollywood which is in desperate need of being spruced up.

Jude Zietara

Yes people go get this book, a fantastic fun read.  You will not be disappointed.  It’s like sitting on a couch with both Jonathan and Mila and hearing awesome stories on how a movie is written and put together.  Also behind the scenes shenanigans.

Patrick Evrard

Excited to see what new books are released by the screenwriter of Mars Attacks!

Febi B

If you buy one book about film making, let it be this one. It will change your life and – who knows? – maybe just help you to reinvent our beloved industry.

Ian McLoughlin MBKS

OMG Mars Attacks Memoirs – I have pre-ordered the book. I love the Movie.

Jack Johnson